Saturday, September 24, 2005

Technology Outcomes Blog Post

Related (specific) Technology Outcome being integrated: C. use graphic organizers, such as mind mapping/webbing, flow charting and outlining, to present connections between ideas and information in a problem-solving environment.

Subject: Science

Grade: 5

Description for Topic A, Electricity and Magnetism:
The teacher concludes the static electricity topic with a Powerpoint presentation. Specifically, the teacher reviews empirical descriptions developed by students in recent classroom experiments chart on a Powerpoint slide. This is followed by a conceptual summary (concept map) of the essential characteristics of static electricity, displayed in a step-wise fashion. The teacher then leads into a class problem-solving exercise about the nature of lightning that prompt students to apply their knowledge about static electricity and develop a list of precautions they should take during a lightning storm. Finally, the teacher provides a sample flow-chart diagram format and students are asked to develop their own flow chart that shows how lightning works.


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