Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blogging and Education

Blogging as a web publishing and communication tool can be valuable in education. It is important for teachers to keep up with the various technologies used by students to better connect with them. As mentioned in Mollie Crie’s article, blogs are a relatively simple way to create and access information (Crie, 2004). As well, teachers may utilize blogs for a variety of projects, including, by not limited to, journals, discussion groups, notice board, and other writing projects (Westworth, 2002; Hobgood, n.d.). However, if this technology is utilized, teachers must ensure student access to and comfort with this technology. For this to occur, teachers must either teach about the technology themselves or utilize peer tutors. This latter scenario can be a way to engage more technologically-literate students who might be bored by a lesson on blogging, which might be quite elementary for them.

Teachers are responsible for expanding the experiences and knowledge of students with both new and what is now considered more classical forms of communication technology. While blogging may allow for more rapid correspondence, patience once required for a more classical letter-writing process may be lost. Without specific guidelines, the quality of the student’s writing may be more colloquial in a blogging format than more traditional-styled papers. To prevent misunderstandings, it is thus important for the teacher to set out clear guidelines before the process begins. Blogging may allow students to express their feelings in their own words and encourage shy students to participate in a less confrontational environment, important components of building a sense of classroom community. However, I am a firm believer in the importance of students to learn specific written formats whether it is that of personal essays, research proposals, lab reports, or prose. Blogging is a potentially valuable education technology tool to encourage student participation, used in conjunction with other tools.

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